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MCL Fire offers a range of fire extinguishers services to help protect your business, kitchen, home, and even vehicle. As well as the supply of the extinguishers we also offer regular maintenance and service of all extinguishers fitted.

Aswell as Extinguishers we also offer fire blankets, hose reels and extinguisher stands. 

Water and Foam Extinguishers

Water extinguishers are mostly used for class A fire risk. In most premises, it is necessary to have either foam or water extinguishers. This type of extinguisher is used for fires caused by various organic materials including fabrics, textiles, coal, wood, cardboard, and paper among others. It should not be used for kitchen fires, fires caused by flammable gas and liquids as well as fires that involve electrical equipment.

Foam extinguishers are suitable for use on class A solid combustible fires and class B flammable liquid fires, foam fire extinguishers create a cooling blanket effect, smothering burning materials and preventing reignition. Not for use on chip pan fires unless they are described specifically as class F extinguishers!


  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Textiles 
  • Coal


  • Some flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel and paint

Carbon dioxide and envirofoam extinguishers

Co2s (Carbon Dioxide) extinguishers are primarily recommended for use on electrical equipment, often installed over the messier powder extinguisher’. This is due to the fact that the CO2 gas itself is not conducive. After use CO2’s tends to be considered a ‘cleaner’ fire extinguisher as they leave no real trace of being discharged, unlike other extinguishers that may leave water, foam or powder residue. CO2 Extinguishers are also effective at extinguishing Class B fires (Fires that involve flammable liquids).

The Envirofoam Sustain extinguisher range of formulated polyols are derived from recycled vegetable oils and are suitable for use in the building, refrigeration, marine and water-storage industries Having already served their primary industrial purpose within the food processing industry, vegetable oils are collected, recycled and converted to rigid foam polyols. Envirofoam Sustain is principally used in those industries that require excellent thermal insulation properties, particularly in those applications which require a non-flammable and environmentally-friendly resin component

Carbon Dioxide

  • Petrol or Paraffin
  • Eletical equipment such as coomputers


  • Solids
  • Burning Liquids 
  • Wood 
  • Carboard

Wet chemical and powder extinguishers

Wet chemical extinguishers are designed for use on Class F fires, involving cooking oils and fats. For fires involving cooking oils and fats (a Class F fire), a wet chemical extinguisher can be used. The wet chemical fire extinguisher can also be used on Class A fire, but foam or water extinguishers are more common.

Powder fire extinguishers are a highly versatile way to tackle most types of fires. They are ideal for general offices, homes, vehicles, caravans, boats, and electrical plants. Extremely effective on electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gases.

Wet chemical

  • Cooking fires
  • Oil fires 
  • Vegetable oil fires 


  • Welding flames 
  • Commercial boiler rooms 

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