Have you carried out your Fire Prevention Obligations?

Kidde Fire Suppression Systems

In a complex marketplace, the team at MCL Fire know that it is essential to choose carefully when selecting an automatic fire suppression system. Our partner, Kidde® Fire Systems possess the knowledge, products, quality and innovation to meet the exacting standards required by MCL Fire and our customers

Kidde® Fire offer innovative and special hazard solutions for our customers extensive automatic fire suppression needs. Kidde™ Fire applications offer comprehensive ranges of detection, notification, control and suppression products that can be tailored to meet individual requirements


MCL Fire Design, Install and Maintain an industry leading automatic fire extinguishing system

Our partners at Kidde® Fire are a leading global brand with innovative fire safety solutions, now available in more than 100 countries worldwide. In its various applications, Kidde® Fire automatic fire suppression systems already protect critical infrastructure across many industry sectors including Agribusiness, Clean Rooms, Control Rooms, Data Processing, Healthcare Equipment, Historical Buildings, Marine, Mining, Petroleum Oil & Gas (POG), Power Generation, Printing Plants, Prisons, Records Storage and Waste Management.


Kidde® Fire Suppression Systems help MCL Fire offer our customers solutions such as:

Clean Agents Systems –

Such as Novec™, FM-200™ (HFC-227ea), 3M™ and FE-13™ which provide a ‘total flood’ solution to protect valuable assets in occupied areas.

Inert Gas Systems –

Such as Argonite® and Nitrogen which are environmentally friendly and safe for people and equipment.

High Pressure Co2 Systems –

These traditional extinguishing systems have been employed within the marine sector for more than 90 years.

Kidde® Fire / MCL Fire Suppression System offering is compatible with existing conventional and addressable fire alarm systems. The extinguishing agents work quickly and efficiently to douse the fire. Benefits of these systems include:

  • Fire suppression solutions tailored for specific industries and applications.
  • Reduced down time in the event of a fire
  • Minimal damage in the event of a fire
  • Business continuity

Where can Kidde® Fire / MCL Fire Suppression Systems be used?

The range of Kidde® Fire Suppression systems and extinguishing agents has enabled MCL Fire to offer a solution for virtually every potential fire hazard.

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