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Fire Suppression Systems – Design, Installation & Maintenance

It is estimated that fire damage costs £500,000,000 per year to businesses throughout the UK and of course no value can be put on human life.

MCL Fire can provide innovative solutions that will ensure your critical assets, business and employees are protected by world renowned, industry approved Fire Suppression Systems that meet the relevant standards.

MCL Fire partner with three of the world’s leading manufacturers and are able to offer a comprehensive range of Fire Suppression Systems. These systems are designed to protect critical infrastructure, equipment and assets in numerous applications across all industries throughout Ireland.

MCL FIRE Partner – Kidde Fire Systems

Inert Gas System

The Kidde inert gas systems work by reducing the oxygen level within a room. This proven technique, lowers the oxygen to a level where most combustible materials are unable to burn whilst also preventing re-ignition. However, life is sustainable at this lower level and healthy individuals should not suffer any adverse effects. Areas protected by these systems must be subject to an annual Room Integrity Test to ensure the concentration level of the Extinguishing Agent does not fall too quickly after discharge, leading to an increase in oxygen and allowing re-ignition.



Chemical System

Fire Pro is a total flooding, pre-engineered system that uses a patented FPC Compound at its core. When activated the compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, fire extinguishing condensed aerosol. The aerosol is evenly distributed throughout the area using its own momentum. Fire extinguishing is accomplished through the process of interrupting the chemical chain reactions occurring in the flame. This is hugely innovative as it does not work on the basis of oxygen depletion or cooling, as traditional methods would, based on the triangle of fire. The FirePro Systems we provide are also safe for use in normally occupied areas, providing they are at prescribed design concentrations.

MCL FIRE Partner – Ansul

Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Commercial Kitchens utilise high temperature cooking oils, slow cooking appliances and deep-fat fryers all of which represent a difficult and unique challenge to maintaining a safe working environment and compliance to Health and Safety legislation.

Ansul fire suppression systems are fixed extinguishing systems and are the Number 1 Global Protector for commercial kitchens. They are designed to quickly detect and suppress kitchen fires using advanced extinguishing agents specifically designed to effectively combat kitchen fires and limit damage so that the kitchen can be quickly up and running again once the fire has been safely extinguished.

MCL Fire / Ansul Kitchen fire suppression systems ensure a far safer working environment for kitchen staff and can significantly reduce the insurance costs of industrial and commercial kitchens through the automatic detection and extinguishing of canopy and range fires. 

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A pro-active approach to fire protection should be the norm not only become apparent after an event has occurred – undertaking the effective pro-active actions is essential for protecting property, equipment, data, assets, and people. The MCL Fire team is available to offer free advice, answer any questions, and provide a free quote / solution for an effective system. Use our enquiry form or click here for a free quote now. Our service is provided throughout Ireland, so you can also call either our Belfast Office on 02890301752 or our Dublin Office on (01) 602 4706 to discuss a range of fire suppression solutions to potential risks.


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